Sustainable Enterprise for Enabling Development


What is SEED?

SEED is an acronym for Sustainable Enterprise for Enabling Development, a registered South African non-profit educational trust focused on the creation of economically-viable and ecologically-sound development programmes.

A bridge between the two economies

SEED is a non-government organisation (NGO). We run an independent practice, supporting a variety of developmental initiatives such as health development, health management, primary health care, district health systems, community health workers, public health medicine, health promotion, public health policy, health research, health advocacy, health information management, paralegal development, family mediation, community based public works, participatory approaches and most recently mHealth (mobile health). We are also involved in strengthening community based aspects of primary health care with special emphasis on countering the negative inter-relationship between Health (eg.HIV, AIDS) and poverty. We are open from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, by appointment. We may charge a fee for our services, depending on the nature of the relationship with clients.